This is a JEWEL of a Class! Metalsmithing: Cold Connections (aka Riveting)- Mondays Nov 4,11,18, 3-6pm

This class is for adults, and teens age 16 and up.
Prerequisite: Must have riveting experience or have taken the beginning class to be able to advance to Beyond Basics and Making a Riveted Bracelet              

Description: Each of the 3 sessions will include:

• Beginning riveting, Students will learn the basics of riveting and complete a pendant using copper and brass wire and tubing. The focus of this class is to learn to connect metal without soldering, a process known as Cold Connections. You will learn to stamp designs, texture metal, rivet, and polish your finished pieces. We will practice each technique and then apply them to a pendant.

 • Beyond Basics: In this class students will learn more advanced techniques of cold connections, building on the beginning class; adding decorative rivets, separated layers, doming, stamped designs, and tabs.

 • Making a Riveted Bracelet: Students will learn to fabricate a bracelet from copper and/or brass. We will discuss design elements and fabrication details. Sterling silver bracelet blanks will be available for an additional fee.        

Cost: $126 Contact: Please call Barb Amador with questions, 303-885-0640