*****The Art Of Collaboration*****

Ann Barnsley*Jeff Becker*Suzanne Connolly-Howes*Jeanne Hougen*Marita McDonough*Peter Steele

The Artist/Owners of pARTiculars Art Gallery and Teaching Studio present 12 years of THE ART OF COLLABORATION. We challenged ourselves to creatively collaborate with each other and fashion art work that honors and commemorates our longstanding commitment to talent, the gallery & community and the owners. This show is an eclectic, whimsical offering of art that is a testimony of friendship, cooperation, partnership, the art of seeing challenges as opportunities and pushing our personal boundaries together.  


Friday, September 11, 2020, 4 – 6 pm

4-4:15 PM: Greeting & Info
4:15-5:15 PM: Up-close look at art pieces. Owners speak about collaboration.
5:15-6 PM: Shop the gallery as we move through it providing live video of art.

Zoom Link: Join Zoom Meeting
https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88054666458?pwd=VG1LT2RubGJYamYxTDVYZTJCUkRmQT09 Meeting ID: 880 5466 6458
Passcode: 202887

  1. Beaded Flowers 1 & 2/ Ann Barnsley/ Mixed Media/ $48 ea.
  2. Provence/ Jeanne Hougen and Ann Barnsley/ Ceramic and Encaustic/ $80
  3. Glowing Aspen/ Peter Steele and Jeanne Hougen/ Photography of Oil Painting/ $165
  4. Ceramic Cover & Handmade Journal /Ann Barnsley and Jeff Becker
  5. Take Flight/ Jeanne Hougen and Jeff Becker/ Journal with Encaustic Cover/ $60 
  6. Kindness Virus/ Suzanne Connolly Howe’s/ Mixed Media/ $48                          
  7. Collaboration/ Jeanne Hougen/ Original Oil/ $650                                                                     
  8. A to Z/ Marita McDonough and Jeff Becker/ Original Calligraphy Hand Made Book/ $1,375 
  9. Bunny in Forest/ Ann Barnsley and Marita McDonough/ Ceramic and Mosaic/ $300
  10. Togwotee Transition/ Peter Steele and Marita McDonough/ Photography and Original Calligraphy
  11. Stand/ Marita McDonough/ Original Calligraphy and Colored Pencil/ $650
  12. Heron in Flight/ Peter Steele and Jeff Becker/ Photo Journal/ $40
  13. Hummingbird Mobile/ Peter Steele and Suzanne Connolly Howes/ Mixed Media/$80
  14. Turtle / Jeanne Hougen and Suzanne Connolly Howes/ Ceramic, Encaustic and Felt/ $65
  15. Mandala 1/ Suzanne Connolly Howe’s/ mixed media/ $48
    Mandala 2/ same as above
    Mandala 3/ same as above
  16. Turtle Mom/ Jeanne Hougen and Suzanne Connolly Howes/ Ceramic, Encaustic and Felt/ $65
  17. Watercolor Journal Set/ Jeff Becker and Suzanne Connolly Howes/ felt bag and hand bound journal/ $120
  18. Penguin/ Marita McDonough/ Original Calligraphy with pen and ink and colored pencil/ $125
    Penguin/ Suzanne Connolly Howes/ Ceramic Vase/ $55
    The Woods Would be Silent/ Original Calligraphy with Mixed Media Collage/ &125
    Songbird/ Suzanne Connolly Howes/ Ceramic Vase/ $75
    Walk Like Brothers/ Marita McDonough/ Original Calligraphy with Pen and Ink and Colored Pencil/ $175
    Brothers/ Suzanne Connolly Howes/ Ceramic vases/ $60 pair $35 individual
    The Fox/ Marita McDonough/ Original Calligraphy with Pen and Ink and Colored Pencil/ $125
    Wiley Fox/ Suzanne Connolly Howes/ Ceramic Sculpture/ $185
  19. Beaded Leaf/ Ann Barnsley/ Mixed Media/ $48 
  20. Aspen Grove/ Peter Steele and Ann Barnsley/ Photography and Mosaic/ $180