SUZANNE CONNOLLY-HOWES: Featured Artist For December

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What is colorful, natural and full of heart and LOVE? Suzanne’s ART.

Suzanne has taught Environmental Sciences for 25 years, and her love of nature is evident in all of her work, concentrating now on wet felt-making, mosaics, and clay where she finds her place of inner peace and sanctuary. She enjoys providing the opportunity for families to be creative and learn new artistic skills together, and loves creating community public art.

Suzanne is also…….wait for it……..a beekeeper! She makes quality lip balm and solid hand lotion. She is kind, supportive and our co-President. We love her. Hail to the Chief!

She will have a mini demo/workshop for wool felted Holiday ornaments on Friday, Dec. 13, 4:30-8:30. All are welcome.

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