Susan Opfer- Guest Artist for May 2018

Stop by the gallery an take in the amazing work of Susan Opfer! She will be exhibiting her original wood block prints and Oil paintings in our upstairs gallery. She will also have an artists reception and wood block printing demo on May 6 from 2-4 pm. Click here for more information on this free event.

In the words of Susan; “My artwork is an outer manifestation of my inner world, my dreams, and the visual stimulation from the world around me. Every where I look I find some thing of interest, the patterns of bare trees against the sky, the ripple of wind across a lily pond, the color of the high lights on the face of the person I’m speaking with. I have been drawn to recreate my inner world on paper or canvas since I was a child, art has been a thread that runs through every part of my life.

I grew up in the woods of New Jersey where my love of the trees and the plants and birds that live among them began. I find interest in places of transition, where land meets water, plains meet the mountains or were one color meets another. I see the world as an illusion of color and light and my process is to recreate that illusion in 2D.

My choice of medium changes with my lifestyle, and how much space and time do I have to do art. Growth comes from studying art technique, as I learn to do a better oil painting, so does the composition and texture of a wood block print improve. It is my great joy to be able to create some thing beautiful to share with the world.”

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