pARTiculars Artists

pARTiculars presents the original ART of 50 local artists and is owned and  operated by:

Ann Barnsley, Ceramics

Jeff Becker, Handmade Books

Suzanne Connolly-Howes, Ceramics & Fibers

Jeanne Hougen, Oil Painting

Marita McDonough, Calligraphy, Porcelain

Peter Steele, Solarography

with members:

Laurie Adams, Painting

Barb Amador, Jewelry

Linda Bice, Pastels, Mixed Media 

Debra Bond, Book Arts, Encaustic, Cards

April Christenson, Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Pen & Ink

Karen Edgerly, Jewelry & Metalsmithing

Molly Hargarten, Pinting, Glass

and consigning artists:

Bob Amador, Wood

Fritz Anders, Wood Burning Prints

Lois Barber, Watercolor Prints

Carol Baum, Clocks

   Katia Becker, Polymer Books, and Needle Felting       

 Michelene Berkey, Jewelry

Stephanie Block, Ceramics

Patricia Branstead, Paper Lamps

Evan Cantor, Cards

Cris Conklin, Ceramics

Kay Curtis, Cards

Erin DeLargy, Jewelry

Erinn Diekman, Glass

Kathleen Doyle-Murphy, Jewelry

Judi Dressler, Cards

Lane Dukart, Stoneware Bells

Carol Duryea, Cards

Cathy Faughnan, Painting

Lily Fein, Ceramics

Donna Flebbe, Painting, Collage, Encaustic, Watercolor

Steve Gandy, Photography

Arturo Garcia, Prints

Anne Gifford, Watercolor

Anthony Grant, Prints

Rachel Hanson, Assemblage

David Hawley, Wood

Jackie Hobbins, Ceramics

Jocelyn Hunter, Jewelry

Annette Kennedy, Scarves

Jen Lesea-Ames, Jewelry

Delcia Litt, Mosaic Glass

Tammy Lynn, Ceramics

Barbara Nichols, Scarves

Margaret Radley, Cards

Todd Redmond, Ceramics

Mary Ridl, Jewelry

Britt Ripley, Cards

Wendy Rochman, Cards

Jan Rowan, Raku

Joseph Sikora, Wood

Ellen Smith, Fiber

   Cynthia Topp, Jewelry

Carol Walker, Photography

Joy Weinstein, Jewelry

Carol Woodman, Polymer Clay

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