Susan Opfer

Oil Painter

Susan’s passion to create is the driving force of her life. She is a painter, a printmaker and a magician (as creating art is magic). Her work can be realistic, it can be stylized, and can be abstract. She has a fertile imagination and is an accomplished draftsman. 

She believes creating artwork is a pathway to self knowledge and growth. Having the courage to face the unknown – a blank canvas – helps build skills that can be called on in other areas of life. Being willing to open the doors to creativity makes creating art so much fun. And having fun can lead to great art! Susan has studied art since she was a child and brings diverse skills to the classroom. She believes a strong foundation in drawing makes one successful with all other mediums.

Susan has worked for many years in the graphic arts field, doing production, retouching & color correction and layout & design. She makes her living as an artist and a massage therapist and lives in Lafayette Colorado with her husband.