Marita McDonough

MARITA McDONOUGH,  Calligraphy, Porcelains

MARITA McDONOUGH, a Portland Oregon native, works out of her home in Berthoud, Colorado, specializing in drawing, calligraphic art pieces, functional porcelain and sculpture. She welcomes special orders and commission work. Marita started drawing at a very young age, with a special interest in the beauty of horses, and has expanded that interest into other animals as well, and she now offers custom animal portraits in pencil. She began working in calligraphy in 1965 in her hometown of Portland and continues to study her craft by attending workshops, and is now a certified teacher of American Cursive Handwriting . While residing in Madison, Wisconsin, she was calligrapher to Governor Tommy G. Thompson. Her work in clay began in 1986 while residing in Palm Springs. Faces, horses, or bas-relief impressions usually decorate delicate but strong functional bowls and vases.  Most of Marita’s commercial calligraphic work consists of reproductions of her original calligraphy, presented in unique original formats, making each piece one-of-a-kind – or prints of these collage pieces.