Margo McGrew

I work primarily in water mixable oil, and consider myself a fine artist. I like to explore and paint in other mediums like pastel, watercolor, drawing in charcoal and graphite. I am a big fan of the impressionists painters.

After I graduated from high school I studied graphic arts, or commercial art, in Boston, MA. After art school I worked as a fine artist painting house portraits while raising three girls. After a split in my marriage I worked as a full time graphic artist for over 38 plus years. My plan for retirement was to get back to painting full time. Happy to say this is what I am pursuing now!

I am represented by pARTiculars Gallery and Teaching Studio in Lafayette, CO. I belong to the Louisville Artists Association and have exhibited in all the members shows. I currently work from my home in Colorado, but in May of 2021 am planning to move to Bellingham, Washington.

My studies in art aside from high school art class and a few years in an art school in Boston, MA is primarily through practical experience. Learning through trial and error, self taught for the most part not counting the art school experience many years ago, studying the works of artists I admire. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy the design and painting process!