Judi Dressler

Judi Dressler is a wildlife photographer specializing in birds, who lives in Louisville, Colorado.  Most of her photographs are taken locally; some in other locations in the US.  She has won a number of photography awards in Colorado, the US, and further, and her photographs have been requested by numerous organizations, including Audubon.

I feel so lucky to be living in this wondrous world, where we are treated to the most amazing wild species!   Our mysterious universe revels in diversity, in the splendor of variety and beauty.  From swift multi-colored ducks, elegant social herons and agile independent raptors, to mountain goats and pikas, these amazing animals do their utmost to survive and to procreate, usually under very challenging circumstances.

My goal is to capture some of the marvel and personality of wildlife, and to inspire those who see my photographs to deepen their appreciation of it and to protect wildlife in a world where species are disappearing at an alarming rate, due to climate change, habitat loss, and a host of other man-made challenges.

                Judi’s website: www.judiphotography.com