Arturo Garcia

“Garcia’s work captures the spirit of his subject through his vibrant use of color and texture. The impressionist landscape attributes and minimal use of perspective elements allows the viewer to focus directly on the subject, allowing an appreciation for the use of movement implied by his palette knives and creating a personal wildlife encounter.”

Elizabeth Forrest, BA. Art Business, Manchester University

To me, Art is the language of the soul that expresses what the brain on its own can’t. It’s a silent dialect that conveys what words are not capable of doing. Cézanne said that art is a harmony parallel to nature. I will also say that art is in accord with the tune of the spirit. The intelligible understanding between creation, nature, and the spiritual landscape, are transcribed in the manifestation of an art piece.

Artist Technique

Using palette knives over mediums that vary from stretched canvas, board or paper, I create oil paintings. My style is contemporary, self-thought, with lots of experimentation in the background. With the use of palette knives, the thick layers of oil paint protrude from the canvas giving the painting a three-dimensional feel on a 2-dimensional format. It is as if the paint rebels to traditional standards and forms.

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