Erin DeLargy

Teacher, Jewelry


Vibrant colors are special to Erin; she is often struck by the amazing hue of a rose, or the incredible tone of the sky.  Complementary and contrasting colors play a big element in her pieces and she chooses stones and metals that create dynamic expression and vibrancy.

The process of creating is truly invigorating and exciting for her. When creating a new piece she often takes lots of time arranging her metals and stones until the inspiration grabs her.  She loves making work that catches one’s eye and makes the wearer feel confident.  She embellishes much of her work with positive words or phrases, so that when turning over a ring or pair of earrings, there is a little hidden message there to uplift.

Erin has been an artist her entire life exploring multiple media. She took up silver-smithing several years ago and has been in love with metals and stones ever since.  Though outwardly hard, metal is actually very fluid.  It can be cut, hammered, soldered, fused and even melted.  She enjoys the look and feel of mixed metals and often incorporate accents of gold, bronze, and copper.  She uses semi-precious stones, many of which she also cuts and polishes herself.

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