Dave Hawley

DAVE HAWLEY, Wood Worker

Dave has been fascinated with wood for 30+ years, and has focused on woodturning during the last 18 years. He enjoys making bowls, vessels, platters, and boxes, but also has fun making magic wands and craft and utility items. He is currently experimenting with carving, texturing, coloring, wood burning, and sculptural work. He uses sustainable resources and re-cycles as much as possible, primarily using domestic and “found” wood (saved from the landfill), and his shop is solar powered. His finishes are food-safe. He is a member of the Front Range Woodturners (FRW) Chapter of the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) in Denver as well as AAW.

Dave prefers to remain “local,” so his work is displayed in galleries and at shows in the Boulder County / greater Denver area.

Dave is pictured demonstrating using his mini-lathe. He turns primarily on a much larger lathe in his basement workshop in Boulder.

Visit his website at www.dbhwoodworks.weebly.com