Britt Ripley


BRITT RIPLEY, Photography

Britt’s photographic images are rooted in the deep connection he feels with nature and an acute awareness of patterns and textures in the natural and built world. His compositions also reflect his ranching family background and his background as a landscape architect, and musician.

He experiences a pulse of connection when he is in nature, while he is with horses and feeling their wonderful energy and spirit, and when he is absorbed by weather and light. Before and while he photographs, he observes and takes time to feel this pulse and explore his subjects and surroundings. This practice allows him to build more intimate relationships with them that hopefully results in his ability to see, feel, and capture their essence.

In much of his recent work, he has created composite images, delighting in a new and engaging perspective. This work is intriguing as it combines subjects with elements of form, shape, texture, and pattern that enhance and complement one another. These images are like visual lyrical expressions where there is rhythm and mystery.

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