Karli Hansen

After painting only landscapes for a time, I found myself drawn to the loose beginnings
and abstract qualities in some of my work. I decided to try painting entire pieces that
had little to no starting representation, and tried different styles in the process of each
one. Sometimes it was just a response to color, sometimes it was a response to
something heartfelt. At times, it was not easy and I sometimes felt lost, but it was also
very freeing. What emerged is my natural appreciation for the lines, colors, and shapes
found in nature. I also felt influenced by Colorado artist Amy Metier, mid-20th century
Abstract Expressionists Joan Mitchell and Mark Rothko, Nigerian artist Njideka Akunyili
Crosby, now in L.A., as well as a number of Impressionists, and Black American artists
including Faith Ringold. The influences are endless and fun to look to, and stepping
outside of my comfort zone has made me a better artist.