Mosaic Workshops

with Suzanne Connolly-Howes

Create beautiful mosaic pieces with pARTiculars own Suzanne Connolly-Howes August 3 and 17.

Bring in an old dresser, small table, mirror frame, or what have you! to embellish with small ceramic tiles, broken pottery and glass.  For the garden, bring your old flower pots, or new stepping sotnes and we will create magical designs!

This is a perfect opportuity to play  with your family and create something together for your home.

1-4pm  $10 an hour.  Depending upon scope of project, additional material fee may apply.

Family rates: adult and 1 child: $15/hr, adult and 2 children: $20/hour, 2 adults and 2 children: $25/hr

Contact or Suzanne Connolly-Howes at for more information.

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