Laurie Adams: Featured Artist for May

I am fortunate to come from an artistic family where I learned to appreciate art and make use of my creativity. In school, I loved to draw and paint. When I became an adult, I started my career and eventually, my family. At that time, art became less important and I had less time for it. Finally, as my kids left the nest, I started to paint again. The mediums I prefer are watercolor and acrylic. My style is mostly realistic and detail oriented but I also like to dabble in new techniques. A good artist is always learning and experimenting. The subject matter of my paintings varies from landscapes to still-life, people, animals and architecture. I like to use my photographs and those from friends, as inspiration. I can become very attached to some of my paintings and may even grieve as I let them go. It’s akin to letting go of a child. I believe artists put much heart and soul into their work as they give birth to an idea or concept.  I am available for commissioned paintings. You can see some of my other art on my Facebook page. 

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