Karen Edgerly-May’s Featured Artist

Karen Edgerly took her first silversmithing class while in high school in San Francisco at DeYoung Museum.  After that first foray into jewelry making, she was hooked and continued to take silversmithing classes throughout high school and college.  As she pursued her degree in Geology at CU she started to combine her love of art and science in her jewelry designs.  She took several different paths through life and eventually spent 20 years as a teacher.  Now, she is happily back to making jewelry full-time and allows the scientist and artist parts of her to meld and produce stunning, one of a kind jewelry pieces.

Karen uses recycled metals (silver or gold) and uses various techniques, i.e. etching, cast or form folding, to get the effects that she is looking for in her creations.  She has 4 distinct lines of jewelry that she produces: silver bracelets set with brass shells, form folded cuffs, basalt river stones set in silver and gold and silver rings. To add sparkle to her designs she includes semi-precious and precious stones….after all what is jewelry without a bit of bling?  We are fortunate to have her as a colleague, friend and artist at pARTiculars.

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