‘In These Times’ Art Show & Sale

Show Dates: May-June 2020

Deadline for Entries: by appointment April 20-30, 2020

To our Entire pARTiculars Community/ Family

We would like to send you a message of hope and love. With the need for social distancing it is easy to feel isolated and alone, to let fear, worry, and anxiety take over.  In the spirit of staying connected though we are apart, we would like to invite you to create and submit an original piece of art for our In These Times Show at pARTiculars Art Gallery & Teaching Studio. We are inviting our entire pARTiculars Gallery family to participate. Making art can be a wonderful meditation. It allows us a way to give expression to our feelings and provide form for reflection and insight. We invite you to give voice to what is springing up or boiling up inside of you In These Times and to share it with your larger community, including our students, through pARTiculars Art Gallery. 

Find expression- 2D, 3D, poetry, or other writing. We ask that no piece be larger than 10 x 10. We will display the art on our gallery wall in May and June in lieu of our Student Show. We will also post the pieces on our website. Your art work must be for sale. There is a $10 fee to enter each piece, and we will retain a 40% commission on all sales. Art can be designed and created by one artist or if you are confined with others, collaborative pieces can be submitted as well.

Thanks for being a part of our community and be well.

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