Erin Drez: Guest Artist for May & June

As far as I can remember, I’ve always been creative. I loved art and drawing and coloring as a child. Some of my favorite Christmas memories are when I would get a paint-by-number kit and spend all day working on it. I also fondly remember the year I got painting supplies and a book about how to paint like Bob Ross and that wasn’t a ‘happy accident’….It was meant to be. For many years art seemed to be about creating something beautiful that someone would want to hang on their wall. While it’s pleasing to create things that turn out beautiful and frustrating when they don’t… I wanted something deeper. I came to realize that art, for me, is about the process and the journey, not about the product. I create because it changes me. I create because it frees me, calms me, heals me and protects me. I create because it’s fun. I create because God gave me the gift of being an Artist and it’s my calling to embrace it. Join Erin for a reception on April 17 from 4:40-8:30.

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