CALL FOR ENTRY | pARTiculars Student Art Show

If you have taken a class at pARTiculars over the past 3 years, YOU are invited to enter our Student Art Show!

When is the show? The show will be hung during the months of July and August. Please bring in your artwork to pARTiculars between June 18 and June 28, along with a $15 entry fee. Please pickup your work on or after August 31st, but before Sept. 6th. We are open from noon-4pm on Mondays-Wednesdays, and from 10am-6pm on Thursdays-Sundays.

How do I enter? Stop in to pARTiculars to register when you drop off your art for the show.

Can I enter more than 1 piece? You can enter up to two pieces of artwork, although only one will be displayed and Judged. If entering two pieces you will need to indicate which piece you will want to be in the judged portion of the show. After the reception, second entries will be used to fill in spots as pieces sell.

What are the limitations for submissions? Art needs to be framed and/or ready to hang (or ready to display if artwork is 3-D). All work must be original, and created by a student of a pARTicular’s teacher during the past 3 years. 2 dimensional artwork must not be bigger than 30 inches on any side including the frame. There are cases available to display 3 dimensional artwork. 

Do I have to sell my entered artwork? We strongly encourage entered work to be for sale, and you can price your artwork as you like.

How much does it cost to enter? There is a $15 entry fee to enter either one or two pieces of artwork.

How much will I make on any pieces that are sold? You will receive 60% of any sales of your artwork by the 15th of the month following the art sale.

Will there be a reception? Will there be prizes awarded? YES! There will be a reception on July 8th from 5-9pm (during ANO). First, second, and third place winners will be announced and prizes awarded at 7pm that night. Mark your calendars- this is something you don’t want to miss!

What if I have other questions? Just ask! You can email questions to Jeanne Hougen at

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