April Featured Artist: PAULINE MASUHR

Pauline entered into the world of fused glass about six years ago quite by accident. While attending the Miami Boat Show, she was introduced to a fused glass artist. Shortly after, Pauline took some classes and made some fused glass overlays for windows on their boat, which they lived on full-time for five years. Whenever she had an opportunity to spend time in a glass studio, she did. Once she and her husband were land-based, she decided to purchase her own kiln for an in-home studio. Mostly self-taught, the fused glass journey continues as she takes classes whenever she can adding new techniques to her skill set. Pauline enjoys making pieces that are “useable”, such as platters, bowls and plates. She also likes to make pieces for display. Her love of fused glass started out as making pieces to gift to friends and family. It has now grown to selling locally and through pARTiculars Art Gallery. She loves being a Member Artist at pARTiculars and pARTiculars loves having her.

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