Ann Barnsley-July Featured Artist

Earth’s mud.  Moist, musty, malleable.  Rotating, spinning, rising into shape.  An inner vision magically transforming into an outer artistic form.  Whether functional or sculptural the masterpiece can be used or displayed, outlasting the creator, leaving the potters legacy behind until the end of time.

Ann’s work reflects her love for color and texture.  She uses warm transparent celadon glazes and design’s a stained glass scene by slip trailing on many of her functional pieces. Each piece is an original. You will enjoy her mountain aspen, hummingbird and other Colorado themes.

Ann’s other passion is to create mosaic wall pieces in all different sizes.  Most of her themes are related to Colorado nature as well.

Pit firing is also a passion. Ann’s pit fired pieces show the relationship between fire and clay. The reflection of spontaneous patterns from smoke, flame, and fumes make each pot a one of a kind art piece. The vessel is slip polished and bisque fired before entering the pit. She fuel’s her pit with sawdust, hardwood, minerals and organics to attain random carbon and color markings, making beautiful low fire pieces for decoration only.

Ann has been a Boulder Potters Guild member since 2005, and is proud to be one of the original owner artists of pARTiculars Art Gallery and Teaching Studio celebrating 10 years in business this year!!!! Ann is awesome!  We LOVE her.



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Created by Ann Barnsley