2021 NEW YEAR’S & TREE OF HOPE Fundraiser for Sister Carmen Food Bank

Here is your chance to participate in making 2021 a better and more joyful year. January-February we will have a ‘Tree of Hope’ in the gallery where you can ‘plant’ your hope for the future.
How to participate:
You can do this project in the gallery teaching studio using our art supplies, or you can take it home and bring it back, completed. The important thing is that you have fun giving your artistic self permission to be creative.

  1. Come into the gallery during our business hours (note, the hours changed a few months ago)
  2. Choose one animal stencil
  3. Choose one feather stencil 
  4. Take blank card stock sheets that fit both/all the stencils
  5. Draw the stencils, including the circle on each one, and cut out the stencils
  6. In the circle on the animal stencil, write the ONE WORD that expresses your hope/vision for 2021 (you can do as many animal stencils as you want/need to express your hope.)
  7. In the circle on the feather stencil, write a ONE SENTENCE pledge of how you are going to help make that vision become a reality.
  8. Bring it back to the gallery and hang it on our Tree of Hope 

 We ask that everyone that participates in this community art project contribute money to our Food Bank drive. (Suggested donation $10, but what you can afford.) On the last day of February we will donate all the money collected to Sister Carmen’s Food Bank to support our local Lafayette community members who are in need. You can participate as many times as you want. There is no limit to your creativity or your generosity. Oh, you can contribute without doing art…just sayin’, but we hope to unleash your creative juices! 

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