Reaching a milestone, like being in business for 15 years, is extraordinary, especially when we started in 2008 as the economy tanked. Why do some businesses make it and others don’t? Here are 15 reasons that pARTiculars Art Gallery and Teaching Studio has continued to thrive.

  1. Our landlady, Nancy West. She has helped us in times of need, cut us some slack on rent during the pandemic, charged us very FAIR rent, and helped us get on our feet as we struggled to figure out how to run a business. It was even her idea to get an art gallery into this space. We can’t say this enough…THANK YOU NANCY!
  2. Great leadership! Our owners and our President/Gallery Manager are fair, knowledgeable and hard-working and positive.
  3. Great members! We all strive to keep pARTiculars going and we all do more than what is expected of us.
  4. Friendships with members & owners.
  5. Great customers. Some have even donated money to us for things that the gallery needed. Thank you again and again.
  6. Being in Lafayette, a wonderful, inclusive community.
  7. High quality art and classes.
  8. Interesting displays and window dressing.
  9. Beautiful garden in front of the Gallery.
  10. Fair prices for high quality art.
  11. Supportive artists/colleagues. We always rise to help those of us that are in need.
  12. Supportive businesses/community near us. We LOVE Eats & Sweets.
  13. Physical improvements of the gallery; new carpet, new paint on the walls, etc.
  14. New AV system to improve classroom instruction.
  15. FUN.
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