Guest Artist, Ann Raabe, May-June

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You’re invited to a reception for Ann Raabe, our May/June Guest Artist, on Sunday May 21 from 2-4 pm.

Ann grew up in South Africa. After completing a Bachelor of Science in Zoology, and while crisscrossing five continents as a self-described vagabond, she worked as an environmental scientist and English teacher. In 1994, Ann moved to the United States. Her work has been shown at the Madden Museum in Denver, and is represented by Saatchi Art.

Ann’s three-dimensional wall sculptures are mosaic assemblages honoring African masks purchased from traders while on visits to her home country. The masks are created for sale to tourists, and are not intended for ritual or sacred purposes.

“I grew up enraptured by the power of the mask,” Ann said. “Masks are archetypes of human existence and offer a synergy of power and beauty that piques the recesses of our deepest yearnings and fears. They embody our collective human consciousness, and possess the power to guide us and catalyze our imagination and our potential.

“I learn the significance and intention of each mask from the trader,” Ann said, “and integrate this with my own personal knowledge and research. Ultimately, the innate essence of the mask speaks to me. Piece by piece, combining fragments of mirror and natural elements, the whole is cohesively joined in a shimmering aura of reflective beauty.”

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March 1, 2017

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