Karen Edgerly

My work involves recycled silver, or copper, and bronze metal that is etched, cast or form folded into a sparkly everyday wearable piece of jewelry. Whether it is a cuff, a ring or etched earrings, they are set with precious or semi-precious stones. I have five main lines: salt-water etched earrings and pendants, form folded bracelets, cast bronze earrings and necklaces, silver and gold rings, and from rust to wearable (rusted washers set with silver and semi-precious stones) . About Me: I have been making jewelry since I was a teenager in San Francisco. I took my first silversmithing class at the DeYoung Museum and after that I was hooked. I continued to take silversmithing classes all through high school and college. I have followed several different paths in my life. In college at CU Boulder, I majored in art and science. After college I pursued my goal of becoming an environmental geologist and continued to work on silversmithing. I then became a teacher and have been one for 20 years. I recently went back to my love for silversmithing and have a studio out of my home. My interest in geology is clearly shown in my jewelry with its emphasis on precious and semi-precious stones. I also concentrate on being environmentally conscientious in my studio. I started out in this field as a teenager and feel strongly about opening the doors to this age group.

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  • Silver and 14kt gold ring set with peridot.
  • Silver earrings set with sapphire and peridot.
  • Copper form-folded cuff set with sapphire and garnet.
  • Spinner ring silver and 14kt gold set with a diamond
  • Meditation rings silver, copper, and gold fill.  One set with cubic zirconium.
  • Rusted washer set with silver and sapphire.
  • Basalt set with silver and 14kt gold and three cz's
  • Form folded pendant set with sapphire.

• February 4, 2014

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