Donna Flebbe

I am a Colorado artist and I always have had an interest in art. My first experiences were limited as I was teaching school and didn’t take time for painting. I was fortunate enough to have had my first art instructor encourage me when I took my first watercolor lesson in 1999. At that point I knew I wanted to do art, painting color and light. My first attempts were received well and that got me going.
I have received many awards and prizes for my work and have pieces hanging in private collections in Colorado and throughout the United States. My work hangs at Particulars Art Gallery and Teaching Studio in Lafayette and Colorado and Creative Framing in Louisville Colorado. I do instruction there too. Come visit.
At this time I am creating art with watercolor, pastel, encaustic wax processes, and collage. My greatest thrill right now is teaching art, it gives me great joy to see new artist develop and improve in their painting.

• April 13, 2014

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  1. Annie B says:

    I am looking for an artist that I took classes with a couple of years ago at PARTICULARS. I cannot remember her name but I do remember that she painted lots of pets, mostly dogs. I enjoyed her classes so much and would really like to get in touch with her. Can you help me?

    Thanks so much, Anne

    • Karen Edgerly says:

      I am pretty sure you are talking about Jane Whittlesey. Jeanne Hougan is now our main painting instructor – she is awesome too.

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