Ann Barnsley

Earth’s mud. Moist, musty, malleable. Rotating, spinning, rising into shape. An inner vision magically transforming into an outer artistic form. Whether functional or sculptural the masterpiece can be used or displayed, outlasting the creator, leaving the potters legacy behind until the end of time. My work reflects my devotion to clay over the past sixteen years. I am working with low fire terra cotta clay using multiple texture tools and techniques creating a tapestry effect on each vessel. Each piece is glazed on the inside for functionality and painted on the outside, presenting a vintage finish. Pit firing is also a passion. My pit fired pieces show the relationship between fire and clay. The reflection of spontaneous patterns from smoke, flame, and fumes make each pot a one of a kind art piece.

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  • barnsley3_reflections
  • barn-ann-1collage of color.jpg
    barn-ann-1collage of color.jpg
  • barnsley1_moonvase
  • ken sanville 004
    ken sanville 004
  • bob sanders 001
    bob sanders 001
  • barnsley1_fruit stand.jpg
    barnsley1_fruit stand.jpg
  • barnsley3_flame.jpg
  • barn-ann-3natures box.jpg
    barn-ann-3natures box.jpg
  • barn-ann-2colorful cluster.jpg
    barn-ann-2colorful cluster.jpg

• May 4, 2014

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